Radial / Tainter Gates

Radial or Tainter gates are the curved gates storing water on its convex side. These gates are used for flood control jobs, irrigation jobs, industrial water control jobs, Dams, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants & power plants etc. Jash Tainter gates are normally used to control the flow of water or wastewater over a dam or drainage structure to provide a wide and unobstructed opening. These gates, which are sometimes very large, are sturdily designed for long Life and low maintenance in difficult conditions, but also incorporate a number of “designed-in,” installation & field-adjustment features.

Tainter gates offer advantages over other type of gates such as self-closing during operation, lesser lifting capacity, minimal vibration under operation, least flow turbulence and possibility of larger size construction.

These gates are offered in various materials of construction such as Stainless steel / Super Duplex stainless steel / Structural steel etc. to suit the intended application. These gates can be operated with electric, hydraulic and cable operating systems.

SERIES:A-715- Stainless Steel Radial / Tainter Gates.
SERIES:A-735- Structural Steel Radial / Tainter Gates.
Opening Size range up to 9000X3600 mm Square, rectangular & higher sizes on request
Head Range Normally up to 5 m or depending upon client’s requirement
Applicable Standards As per Jash design
Mounting Trunnion mounted
Sealing system Resilient Sealing System
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