The reuse of water directly after it has been treated in a wastewater treatment plant is increasingly gaining in importance. A fundamental part of tertiary wastewater treatment is the added filtration. It is the basis for further steps of conditioning towards water recycling and treatment, such as a fourth treatment stage, separation of microplastics, retention of phosphorus, or disinfection.

The iFILT-Diamond Filter was constructed especially for the separation of solids from fluids as the next treatment phase after secondary sedimentation. It removes the smallest suspended solids that are still present in secondary effluent, for example

  • Activated sludge particles
  • Precipitation particles after phosphorus reduction.
  • Powdered activated carbon
  • Microplastics

In the area of industrial wastewater treatment, the iFILTⓇ-Diamond Filter is applied in the areas such as:

  • General reuse of processing water in the paper and textile industries
  • Flush water in the beverage industry
  • Water treatment in fisheries
  • Irrigation in agriculture

We use optimized, three-dimensional filter cloth that is woven with extremely fine, robust and corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel threads. According to the particular requirements a pore size of 10-100 μm is used.

Pore size 10 – 100 µm
Filter wheel diameter 2100 mm
Number of filter wheels Up to 16 wheels per machine
Hydraulic performance Up to 2500 m3/hr. per machine (depending upon inlet TSS)
Discharge quality TSS discharge concentration of ≤ 5 can be achieved
Material of construction Stainless steel 304, 316, Duplex, Super Duplex, as per customer’s requirements.
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