Mitre Gate

As name refers, Miter gates are made up of two gate leaves that provide closure at a “miter” or angle pointed towards the upstream side of water flow. The miter gates are normally used to shut off flow at a navigational lock or in a waterway for maintenance of downstream equipment or to protect against flooding. These gates are standard in navigation locks because they provide a completely unobstructed flow path when open. Their simple construction offers long service life and low maintenance. Miter gates are designed for flow or pressure in only one direction.

Miter gates can be manufactured in carbon steel, stainless steel, and duplex stainless steel depending on the corrosiveness of the media and desired length of service life. Miter gates have resilient seals of neoprene and EPDM. Smaller gates can be operated manually with a bevel or worm gear drive and larger gates by hydraulic actuators.

SERIES:A-915- Stainless Steel Bonneted Gates
SERIES:A-935- Structural Steel Bonneted Gates
  • Opening Size range1200×1200 mm to 3600X3600 mm Square, rectangular & higher sizes on request
  • Head Rangeup to 150 m
  • Applicable StandardsAs per Jash design
  • MountingSide wall embedded
  • Sealing systemResilient Sealing System
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SERIES: A-812 Stainless Steel Miter Gates
SERIES: A-832 Structural Steel Miter Gates
Opening size range Up to 12700 x 9000 mm, higher sizes on request
Head Range Up to gate height
Applicable Standards As per Jash design
Mounting Side Wall Embedded
Sealing system Resilient Sealing System
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