SERIES: C-401, DFG – Metal seated valve with replaceable cone & flapper – Cast Iron construction
Application These valves are ideal for an airlock, batching, or metering application in free-flowing and abrasive bulk materials. These are specially designed to prevent bridging of material in the valve and enable in-situ replacement of seat and flapper. Seat and flapper are hardened to withstand abrasion and provide durabaility. Airlock is maintained by precision lapped seat and flapper by elimination any air leakages. These valves are offered in short height for space tight installations.
Size Range 200 (8”) SQ. – 400 (16”) SQ. Higher sizes on request
Flow rate 1.0 to 4.5 m³/hr, depending upon the size
Pressure Rating PN3 (45 PSI)
Temperature Range -20°C to 800°C
Flange drilling As per Jash Schutte standard
Optional features Spool piece for capacity enhancement
Mode of operations Counterweight, pneumatic, geared motor
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