Crest Gates

Crest Gates are used for flow and level control, with an established reputation for Long life and low maintenance in a wide range of applications. They pivot down to open operating around a hinge mounted just downstream of the top of the dam. Typically, they are quite long and not tall although they can be slightly to the other side of square. Crest gates modulate for full range of travel from fully closed to fully open for precise control in water and wastewater application. The Bascule® and Pelican• designs were acquired from Allis-Chalmers in 1990 and now belong to our subsidiary company in USA.

These gates are offered in various materials of construction such as Stainless steel / Super Duplex stainless steel / Structural steel etc. to suit the intended application. These gates can be operated with electric and hydraulic operating systems.

SERIES:A-711- Bascule®  Gate Design Stainless Steel Crest Gates.
SERIES:A-731- Bascule®  Gate Design Structural Steel Crest Gates.
SERIES:A-712- Pelican®  Gate Design Stainless Steel Crest Gates.
SERIES:A-732- Pelican®  Gate Design Structural Steel Crest Gates.
Opening Size range up to 9000X3600 mm Square, rectangular & higher sizes on request
Head Range Normally up to 3 m or depending upon client’s requirement
Applicable Standards As per Jash design
Sealing system Resilient Sealing System
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