Application An Archimedean screw pump is a positive displacement pump that draws fluid into the buckets that formed between the screw flights at the inlet bay and by its rotation transfers the fluid upwards upto the specified Head range. The pump can lift wide variety of fluids that varies from cleanest raw water to the muddy waste water with floating debris.
Design Series Type BT, Type SH, Type BS, Type BU, Type CU
Pumping Capacity (‘Q’ in m3/s)

0.1 m3/s to 10 m3/s

Screws can be installed in parallel to accommodate higher flow

Range of lifting head (‘H’ in meters) 1 m to 12 m
Tentative Power Requirement 9.81 x Q x H/ Ƞ (overall efficiency)
Pump Efficiency Range 70 – 90%
Screw Diameter Range (in meters) 0.4 m – 4.50 m
Typical installation
  • Raw water pumping
  • Influent pumping stations in WWTP
  • Irrigation Projects
  • Storm Water Projects
  • Paper & Pulp Industries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Other Similar sites
  • Ideal solution for Low Head pumping
  • Comparatively Less Power Consumption
  • Low maintenance & High Reliability
  • No use of fine screening
  • Can run completely dry
  • Less civil structure is needed
  • Lesser Net Head as sump is not required.
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