Application Archimedean Hydropower Screw uses the Archimedean principle to convert the potential energy of water on an upstream level into the electrical power. It is an open channel system where the water flowing down from upstream rotates the screw at around 15 – 30 RPM. The RPM is stepped up through a 3-stage helical gearbox to meet the generator speed. It can generate electricity from 15% of its designed flow to 110% of overload capacity.
Series Type SH, Type BS, Type BT & Type CS
Discharge Capacity (‘Q’ in m3/s)

0.1 m3/s to 11 m3/s

Screws can be installed in parallel to accommodate higher flow

Range of Hydraulic Head (‘H’ in meters) 1 m to 10 m
Electrical Power output (in kW) 9.81 x Q x H x Ƞ (overall efficiency)
Hydropower Screw Efficiency Range 80 – 90%
Power Generation Range per Screw

5 kW – 500 kW

Screws can be installed in parallel to meet Higher Generation

Screw Diameter Range (in meters) 0.4 m – 4.50 m
Typical installation
  • STPs/ WTPs Outfalls
  • Run of River sites
  • Falls at Canals
  • At water outlets of Thermal power plants locations
  • At the tailrace of small/mini Hydropower plants

Due to its compact installation, the screw can be installed at any location with desired head & flow and fairly enough space

  • Ideal solution for Low Head application
  • High Efficiency remains constant with varying Load.
  • Lesser civil works, Shorter installation time.
  • Low maintenance, Negligible wear & tear.
  • Excellent Durability & Reliability
  • Cost Effective
  • Environmentally friendly & fish compatible.
Our services
Step 1: Feasibility Consultancy
Step 2: Supply complete E&M package
Step 3: Installation & Commissioning
Step 4: Maintenance & Service
Step 5: Upgradation & Replacement of older systems
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