B411-PER-SCALATOR-TM-FILTER PER-SCALATOR TM is a sturdy self-cleaning through flow inclined fine screen provided with endless band of filter elements to prevent fine sized floating waste from travelling further in to the water and waste water treatment plants especially in waste water treatment plants based on MBR process. The waste coming with the water is retained on the face of the perforated filters designed in step formation and as the endless band of filter elements escalates upward, they carry the deposited waste along with it till the waste reaches to the top of screen. At the turning point where the filter element is about to start its downward journey, wastes are dislodged from the filter elements by a series of high pressure water jets. The waste along with the used water falls on the in- built chute which can either connect to a launder or screw conveyor for separation of waste and wash water and for further disposal. The screen is provided with heavy duty stainless steel sprockets & chain and special grade ceramic bushes.  Filter elements can be replaced individually and quickly during maintenance.
Perforation Size 02 mm to 10 mm diameter.
Channel Width 600 mm to 3,000 mm.
Channel Depth Up to 3,000 mm Higher depth on request
Mode of Operation Motorized
Material of Construction Stainless Steel 304, 316 / Duplex / Super Duplex.  Other grades of stainless steel material on request
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