• APPLICATIONThese are vertically sliding gates used for isolation / control of water flowing in and out of a closed conduit / orifice for seating and / or unseating water head application.
    Jash offers these gates completely made from Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) without any carbon steel internal reinforcements eliminates two different co-efficient of thermal expansion of these different materials. These gates are good for corrosive environment / seawater application.
  • STANDARDIn compliance to JASH
  • MOUNTINGWall mounted
  • SIZES (W X H)From 100×100 mm (4”x4”) up to 2000×2000 mm (80”x80”).
  • SEALINGPlastic to rubber.
  • WATER HEADUp to 5 m (15’) seating / unseating.
  • ACTUATIONManual, Electric.